Daily life at Heatherwood is focused around our inclusive activities program.

Although there are many challenges to face when Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are diagnosed, it does not stop our loved ones’ desire for purpose and fulfillment.
Our activities program is committed to providing opportunities for social interaction, mental exercise and spiritual fulfillment, which are designed to suit each resident’s preferences.

Our staff focuses on daily moments of success.

Here at Heatherwood, we stress health and wellness, which we emphasize through exercise. Heatherwood residents enjoy professional fitness training twice a week. Residents can also participate in our multitude of programs that take place from morning to night, providing both fun and multi-sensory stimulation.

Our residents can choose from a broad range of activities including: games, painting, musical performances from outside entertainers, or even our mini beauty salon where residents can be pampered and have their hair trimmed and styled.

Our residents are not confined to solely indoor activities. Outside of group activity time we have an interior courtyard and exterior patio area to allow our residents to have time to themselves for personal reflection or just to get some fresh air. Residents are given the option to dine, read, or relax in these secure and comforting area.

Family and friends are welcome to participate in all community activities and events. We know that the responsibilities of every day life may make it difficult to constantly be a part of our residents’ lives. We encourage family and guests to spend whatever time they can with residents. Unlike traditional visiting hours, our guests can enjoy time at their convenience throughout the day and night.

We also recognize the importance of communicating openly and regularly with family members to ensure we are providing the very best service for our residents.