Heatherwood is a memory care facility designed specifically for persons living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia related cognitive challenges.

Despite the challenges of memory impairment, persons with Dementia and Alzheimer’s can, and do, continue to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Our memory care community is designed and set up for fun and safe engagement between our residents, staff and guests. Our community provides a safe and secure environment, with the peaceful tranquility of the outdoors.

Resident Services


  • My mother has been at Heatherwood for two years now. I can honestly say for two years I have been walking through the front door feeling like I am visiting her at home. From the owner to the staff everybody really cares and does a excellent job making sure your loved ones are well taken care of. I feel very lucky to have found this place. I have found peace in my heart knowing that she is there and in good hands.
    Jane C
  • A few years ago, we knew the time was coming that my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's would be too much for her husband to manage, and that she would need to live in an assisted living home.  I visited Aegis, Sunrise and the other multi-story "homes".  But after visiting Heatherwood, it was clear that the other places were just institutions.  Heatherwood truly was a home for my mother-in-law in the last two years of her life.  Because it's small (around 25 residents), the staff know the personalities and particular needs of all their residents.  One woman likes her apple juice in a champagne flute, another likes to sit in a certain chair.  For my mother-in-law, they knew that her afternoon agitation meant she needed to lie down for a bit with a little cuddle.  All the caregivers were wonderful, but I'd like to mention Miguel, Roxana, and Helen as especially making my mother-in-law feel loved.  I'm so grateful to them.
    Torrey W
  • When one visits Heatherwood, the first thing that one notices is the upbeat, happy atmoshere. The staff greet you with a smile. The place has a great feel. This is pretty remarkable, given that Heatherwood specializes in caring for residents with Alzheimer's and related dementia problems. Heatherwood is a family-owned, memory care community in Walnut Creek. Heatherwood is large enough (32 beds) to have a robust memory program with a professional, full time activity staff. Heatherwood is small enough, that the care staff really get to know each resident very well. This allows them to provide a highly individualized care program. The positive energy of Heatherwood is the result of a lot of factors combined. They are doing something very right. If I ever get dementia, this is the place I want to end up.
    Dan M
  • The folks at Heatherwood are the nicest, most professional, compassionate and skilled caretakers in the world!!  They were amazing with my mom who had dementia and was non- ambulatory.  There isn't much turnover among the staff, and you can tell that they really love what they do.  I like everything about Heatherwood.  Here are a few examples of why I highly recommend them: it isn't a huge corporate-run facility, they cook everything from scratch, they are very watchful of all the residents 24X7, the staff-to-patient ratio is very high, and they have lots of activities.  If you are looking for a superficial, 'fancy' Ritz-Carleton atmosphere, I'm sure there are other places out there that might suit you better.  But if you want a home for your loved one where they are treated like family and taken very good care of, choose Heatherwood!  Having my mom in such good hands gave me enormous peace of mind.
    Meg C
  • On September 1st 2012, I moved my wife from another community in Walnut Creek to Heatherwood. I was concerned about moving her twice in one year, but my family and I have never regretted our decision. The staff at Heatherwood have been very kind toward her. I have watched all the caregivers, cooks, housekeepers and office staff interact with all the residents and I’m always very impressed by their compassionate care toward each resident. I know this is not her home, nor mine, but its as close to home as we’ll ever find.
    Anthony R